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Verona ReBow

My creativity is stimulated by the beauty/soul found in nature and animals, and our relationship with both. Being in nature is like being inside in a magnificent, living painting, where forms communicate with and through colors, lines, and empty spaces. Within such a painting, realism becomes abstract and abstraction becomes real, which led me to enjoy both styles of expression in watercolor and oil.
When working with oil without prior sketches, I usually have two or three paintings in progress at the same time. In using the technique of glazing, I have to allow layers of paint to dry, which gives me time to work on another painting. A finished painting is quiet, i.e., does not ‘speak’ to me, but as long as it keeps me involved, I know I will get back to it, perhaps even years later.
The only time I was compelled, rather than inspired to paint, was in the mid 90s, when I became aware and involved in animal rights issues. I devoted more and more effort to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, leading to an intense and ultimately rewarding period of eighteen years. I did not pursue any public shows, instead working on private and corporate commissions, as well as contributing to fundraisers for animals-in-need. The idea that a picture is worth more than a thousand words led to my creation of numerous animal rights paintings.
After rescuing many dogs over the years, I gradually shifted my focus back on creating art. During the later months of 2014, I began compiling a new body of work, where in a series, one painting follows another. As in years past, these paintings continued to reflect and portray the beauty of nature and animals, which has uplifted and enhanced my life as a person and an artist.


My earliest memories are of nature and animals. I grew up in a river valley surrounded by green hills, deep forests, and many different animals, which fascinated me the most. These early experiences of the fullness of life wove the magic carpet; which ever since, lets me travel into these realms of connectedness and beauty.
At the age of fourteen, a professor of a local arts school took me under his wing to introduce me to drawing and painting techniques of the old masters. My parents supported me in pursuing a career in art, but encouraged me to take the safe road towards commercial art. I earned a degree in graphic design.
At the age of twenty-one, I worked as a graphic designer and enrolled at the academy of art in Munich, from which I earned a degree in fine arts. This education gave me the foundation to develop my own personal painting style.


Born Neheim, Germany; December 31, 1946
Education School for Professionals, Kleve, Germany
Degree in Graphic Art & Design
Academy of Art, Munich, Germany, BA
One Person
Private Commissions, Present
IPAN, 1998-2000, (India Project for Animals and Nature)
Walter Marketing, 1996-1998, Corporate Commission
Amanda's Interiors, California, 1995
Gardens of Avila, California, 1994
Gallery Schwartz, Munich, 1993, '94
Gallery Informal, Munich, 1993
Atelier 57, Munich, 1992
Center for Art and Culture, California, 1992
Vision Showroom, Sausalito, California, 1987
Gallery Guzey, Herrsching, Germany, 1987
Gallery Balogh, Seefeld, Germany, 1985, '86
Gallery Dorfel, Munich 1984
Gallery Balogh, Seefeld 1982, '83
Radio Free Europe, Munich, 1981
Gallery von Kapf, Munich, 1975
Art Lives Here, San Luis Obispo, California, 1999, '00
Artist Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California 1999, '00
Johnson Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California 1999
Art-Links Gallery, Los Osos, California, 1993
Open-Air Art Show, ReBow Studios, Halcyon, California, 1989, '90, '91, '92
Art Center, San Luis Obispo, California, 1989, '90, '91, '98, '99, '00, '02, '03
Vision Showroom, Sausalito, California, 1988
Gallery Schwartz, Munich, 1986
Rotunda of the Cannon House, Washington D.C., 1985
Clown Town Studios, Munich, 1980
Gallery von Kapf, Munich, 1976
Art Instructor, Munich International School, 1982-'87
Private Instructor, 1982-2009
Graphic Designer, Graphic Studio Knepper, Krefeld, 1968
Graphic Designer, Studio Zip, Munich, 1966
Graphic Designer, Graphic Studio Bosmann, Kleve, 1962